Our story

Want an exciting and rewarding new career teaching English in Australia or abroad? Our course provides the teaching qualification you will need to work at a language school in Australia. It is also internationally recognised, leading to work opportunities in the UK, New Zealand, Canada and the US.Things have never been brighter for an industry that has rapidly become one of the largest export industries in Australia.

At Sydney Higher Education Institute, we have a passion for teaching and learning the English language and have a great team of dedicated experts help you achieve your English teaching career. Our nationally accredited Certificate IV in TESOL course will get you qualified and on the way to a new career in one of the brightest industries of the next few decades. Being qualified to teach English opens up great travel and career opportunities. It is also a pathway into other teaching or training roles in Australia or abroad.

As a native or fluent English speaker, you’ve won the lottery. How you want to apply this win is up to you. Graduates of our Certificate IV in TESOL can:

  • teach in a NEAS accredited school in Australia
  • teach abroad in high quality schools, colleges and universities
  • specialise in business English and corporate training abroad, working with blue-chip clients
  • earn additional income conducting face-to-face or online tutorials with coaching businesses (another booming industry in Australia and globally) or choose to be self-employed.